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Sat 22 Jun 2024 06:01
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Waste Consulting





Waste Consulting

Waste Consulting Service

The management and staff at Compactor Rentals Ltd. possess over 70 yrs of combined experience of the waste industry and waste machinery. It seems a shame not to share that experience so, to address that issue, we have recently added waste consultancy to our portfolio of products and services.


The service we offer is totally unbiased and our recommendations will be presented in such a way that we shall refain from naming any of our own products or recommending any of our own machines. We will leave you to make that choice in your own time. We shall, however, provide you with a factual and informative report detailing those areas where we believe you can streamline your waste operation and, hopefully save some money in the bargain.


Obviously, it will take our time and effort to help you make any savings or changes, so there will be a charge for our services. On the upside, however, if you should decide to avail yourself of our products within a resonable time of receiving our assesment then we will gladly refund our consultancy fees.



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Waste Consulting
Waste consulting


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Waste Consulting

Let us help you to keep waste costs down.....