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Tue 23 Jul 2024 17:39
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Learn more about the benefits of waste compaction by reading our FAQ publication
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The Benefits of Waste Compaction


The term 'waste compactor' means equipment that is specifically designed to compress various waste streams in order to improve storage and transport efficiency. Basically, there are two different types of industrial waste compactor: a static compactor and a portable (or mobile) compactor.

Business's that compact their waste prior to collection can significantly reduce storage and transportation costs; reduce the wind scatter of light waste; reduce fire hazards; reduce insect and rodent problems; reduce bad odours and airborne particles and; avoid unauthorised disposal by third parties (i.e. prevent others from using their containers for disposal of unautourised general or hazardous waste).

By compacting dry waste, the average business produces approximately 70% less waste by volume, thus providing landfills with extended life. Waste compactors are also very energy efficient and in comparison with other forms of waste disposal have a low operating cost. By compacting waste directly at the source where it is generated, the environment benefits in the following ways: fewer trips to landfills, less fuel consumption and less toxic emissions by waste carrying vehicles.


If you would like to know more about the benefits of waste compaction and how it will affect your current waste management program then read or download our FAQ publication titled 'Waste Compaction..The Benefits Explained'.



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