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Tue 23 Jul 2024 18:18
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Static Waste Compactors


A Static waste compactor is a fixed machine which must be bolted to a suitable concrete base. It will require a three phase power supply with isolator and works in conjunction with various sizes of compaction containers ranging fom 14 to 50 cu yd in size. A static system can easily be tailored to suit a number of load and feed options including chute feeds, dock loaders, various size bin-loaders, conveyor and air-feed sytems. Static compactors come in a variety of size and power configurations dependent on the types and volumes of waste.


  • Fixed System
  • Three Phase Power Supply
  • Fits Various Container Sizes
  • Numerous Loading Configurations
  • Ideal for Large Waste Producers
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Portable Waste Compactors


A Portable, or Mobile, waste compactor works on a similar principle to a static compactor but, unlike a static, the container and compaction unit are combined. Portables come in a range of sizes and power configurations and are ideal machines for those customers with limited space or vehicle access. When a Portable compactor is full, the waste contractor lifts the whole unit and returns it again when empty. Some portable compactors can be fitted with bin lifts but aside from that, the load and feed options are limited.


  • Ideal Where Space is Limited
  • Single Phase Options
  • Can be Emptied by Skip Vehicle
  • Easily re-sited
  • Limited feed Options
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